Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shadowland is now available in paperback on lulu!

Shadowland is now available on lulu as a paperback!

Aimed at the teen readership but also being enjoyed by adults, Shadowland was missing out on many teen readers who apparently, do not yet fuly embrace ebooks ... is that right? What do you think?

I've been asked by many to produce a proper paperback version so here it is!
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Review - Wake of the Dragon: A Steampunk Adventure by Jaq Hawkins

In a steam punk world reminiscent of Victorian London, a world where steam powered airships roam the sky and it would seem everyone and his mother succumb to the tempting embrace of opium and rum, a robbery sets the story for an adventure around the skies.

The thieves head off in their airship, captained by the incredible Captain Bonny, while the luckless Dudley, clerk of the dubious victim, Mr Wyatt gives chase.

The character of Captain Bonny is extremely well developed as he tempts the fates with his flirtations with Aide, goddess of the storm winds, always sailing a little too close to a storm so that he might feel a connection with her.

I thought this was a really well put together story that drew me along entertaining all the way. I look forward to exploring other books by this author.

Monday, May 21, 2012

 The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)

Review of The Hunger Games by

After hearing so much about The Hunger Game I finally had to give it a go. I'm really glad that I did.

A great concept set in post apocolyptic North America with the young of each district having to put their names forward to fight in the hunger games each year. The citizens are made to enjoy the anticipation of being chosen and each killing in the events itself which are beamed live 24hrs back to the poplulace.

The characters are well developed and you spend anxious moments as each kiling comes close. Following the attempts of two contestants from the same village in district 12, Katness Everdeen and Peeta they are driven towards murder as they attempt to survive.

The story flows beautifully and although the concept of the hunger games is a terrible unthinkable thing, it does come across as a very real possbility especially in this mad world we live in today!

This doesn't need mor eof a review apart fromread this book. It is put forward as a young adult book but I think most adults would find this a superbly entertaining read.
I'm looking forward to  book 2.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gremlins in the words...

Like many authors I thought I had teased out all the typos, inconsistancies and wayward comas from my books, only to read with dismay that I was receiving a three star review for lack of editing! Oh my.... I hung my head in shame, I muttered dark thoughts in the general direction of past editors... I pulled my books from the public eye. But now Shadowland is back, shiny as a new pin and ready to be judged by the world once more. Thanks Kris from Final Edit and thanks (really) to the few (thankfully) who pointed out the few faults still there. I guess we only learn from our mistakes and I'm left with a far better book to offer my readers, yippee! The Flight of the Griffin is also getting a big once over and will be back soon...I hope! I miss Pardigan and the crew:(