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House Millar interviews C.M.Gray

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Another great 5 Star review for The Flight of the Griffin!

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Review- The Flight of the Griffin by C.M Gray

In a world of excitement, danger and fantasy, four crew members of a boat called "The Griffin" begin a journey to find the three crystal skulls that intend to save the world. The four crew members are Pardigan; the thief, Tarent; the priest, Quint; the fighter and leader and Loras; the magician. Accompanied by the shapeshifter, Mahra, the crew of The Griffin begin the journey by inheriting gifts from "The Book of Challenges". Each gift is unique to that person and they use their gifts to help them on the thrilling quest. Faced by hardships such as demons and riddles, the crew and Mahra intend to save the world whether or not it means sacrificing themselves.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel as it was something very original and unique. I absolutely loved how Gray described each and every scene of the novel in extraordinary detail, especially the parts where they are battling. Each character is described comprehensively and each emotion is displayed upon the hardships and excitement found throughout the quest. In a series of unexpected parts in the novel, the crew are allied with the people chasing after them against one common enemy; Belial, the "King of demons". An exciting yet terrifying battle between Order and Chaos unfolds the mysteries behind the riddles of The Book of Challenges. 

 I also liked how the book shifts perspectives for not only the protagonist, but the antagonist as well. In many other books, only the perspective of the protagonist is shown, therefore not revealing how they feel. This is one of the many qualities that I loved in this book. There are parts of the novel that have a little added humor which I thought was extremely clever and it lead me to liking it even more. I was extremely glad when C.M Gray sent this to me as it was truly an exciting tale filled with mystical creatures, magic, the chance for adventure and everything else you can think of. There are absolutely no flaws in this novel and I am proud to say that it is an enticing read. 

The cover of this novel really shows the adventure encountered throughout the novel. The Griffin (in bird form) that was standing on The Book of Challenges was puzzling to me at first but that was before I was half way through the novel. It was a really clever idea and I won't say anymore until you read this. The scarlet red droplets of blood I'm guessing symbolize the hardships faced throughout the novel and the compass is showing the direction of where this enchanted quest has lead the crew.

Overall, I believe that this book should be in the top five of everyone's TBR pile no matter how old you are, as it truly is a great journey to experience with the crew of The Griffin.

5 Stars *****

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review for The Orphan Stone by Rod Tyson

The Orphan Stone by Rod Tyson is pretty much hard to put down once you start the book, just don’t get past about mid way after the hours of darkness! This can be one scary book with one nasty witch come spirit that freaks out our heroin, poor old hippy Salem.

It’s a great story as Salem, her mum and some friends go to an old manor to do some restoration. Things don’t go too smoothly after the discovery of some old bones, children’s bones in a secret room. Some rather grisly murders send Salem and friends on the chase against ‘Red Meg,’ (and boy, is she red) and a few creepy locals.

I loved the 'flash back' parts of the story where we find that the manor was once an old workhouse and cooton mill. The ghosts that Salem keeps seeing are the children that were once forced to work there.

I loved this book. Rod is a great writer and storyteller I enjoyed his first book, curse of Ancient Shadows so I downloaded this, its even better! I can’t recommend this highly enough; just read it with the lights on!

Well deserved 5 *****